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review-starsMy massage with Balanced was amazing. I loved the in-home service because when you’re all relaxed at the end you don’t have to drive anywhere! Everything was comfortable and professionally done, just like at a spa-except you’re in the comfort of your own home. The massage was wonderful and my therapist knew exactly what I needed, especially since I had just run in a race that morning. I highly recommend their services. It was a Christmas gift from my brother, but when I need another massage I will definitely use Balanced. -Warren

review-starsI am so glad I was introduced to your company. Completely satisfied with the way you run your business. You make us feel special and Engie G is the greatest representative that any company could ever have. I have not had the pleasure of a massage…yet, but my wife just loves her (and she has had many massages in her life) we will keep patronizing you. -Oscar

review-starsI thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Jennifer. I’ve already begun to spread the word with friends. Your in-home professional service spoiled me. I’ll be emailing to schedule my next session. - Cynthia

review-starsThe massage was a gift for my uncle. He texted me right after Engie left and said it was really good then he went back to bed. Thank you AGAIN for another awesome experience. - Jorge

review-starsNG was friendly and superb!!! Thanks so much. - Cris

review-starsMy husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our massages, and our entire experience with Balanced Professional Massage Therapy was outstanding. Monica is extremely professional and warm, and scheduling with her was a pleasure. We received email confirmations and reminders from the company, which was extremely helpful. Our therapist, Jennifer, was fantastic! We highly recommend her massage – we both felt just wonderful afterwards. We will certainly use Balanced Professional Massage Therapy again. - Jennifer

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