Corporate Massage or Seated Massage is another amazing service that we provide through Balanced Professional Massage Therapy! The reason for its name is because it’s often provided in a workplace setting. Being that the client does not need to disrobe, it can be performed anywhere in any situation. Seated massage has so many benefits not only for the person receiving the massage, but for the company providing it as well! Let’s start by going ever the benefits of seated massage in the workplace.

Relaxed Employees Are Happy Employees

As an employer, you want your employees to perform well. You want them to be alert and passionate about what they’re doing. Seated massage in the workplace can help with that! Not only will your employees be excited to receive a mini massage, but they will be MORE productive in the workplace AFTER their massage! Studies have shown that seated massage, done in increments of 10-15 minutes,  increases work productivity significantly! It increases blood circulation, which in turn increases the level of oxygen in the blood. This allows for clearer thinking. Seated massage also assists in emotional and psychological healing, which helps employees from being distracted by personal issues going on their lives.

Benefits of Seated Massages

corporate-seated-massages-whittier-californiaProviding seated massage on a regular basis will provide added benefits. It can also be done as an incentive for a job well done! It can be a reward for a contest or special promotion. It is a great way to show your appreciation for secretaries day or to single out and reward those people that are doing an exceptional job at the company! It’s great for seminars, big corporate meetings and holiday parties. The best part is it can be scheduled to fit any budget and time schedule! Our seated massages can be performed in 5, 10 and 15 minute increments, for any number of people. If you have a small budget and 10 or less people, we can provide one therapist for a one hour time period. This gets the job done, you look like a hero, and it doesn’t break the bank! For larger events, we can provide multiple therapists for shorter or longer time periods. We can provide service indoors or outdoors, depending on the event and the weather conditions. We will work with you to decide what options work best for your event. All of our therapist are professional, California State Certified and insured. Don’t forget that we bring the massage to you! We are currently serving the LA and Orange county areas.

Perfect for Special Events

Seated massage is also great for sporting events, such as 5k events, golf tournaments, triathlons  cycling events, customer appreciation days, teacher appreciation, bosses day, fundraising events, company picnics, charity events, sporting events, and much more! Let us work with you to make your next event a unique experience. There is no substitute for the human touch!