Swedish massage, sometimes known as circulatory massage, is the most common type of massage. It consists of long, rhythmic strokes which improve circulation, relieve stress and relax muscles. This is great for the first-time client or for those who prefer lighter pressure.

SPORTS Massages

Sports massage combines a combination of techniques that include joint mobilization, stretching, and trigger point therapy. It is a great choice for clients that have chronic pain, injuries, or limited range of motion. Sports massage is often combined with Swedish massage techniques that help break up lactic acid and lessen recovery time.


Deep tissue massage is wonderful for really getting into those areas of chronic pain or tension, and breaking up the adhesion’s that are causing you pain. You may experience mild pain or discomfort during a deep tissue massage session, but don’t let that scare you. Your therapist will always ask you if the pressure is okay and will never push you past your comfort zone. This is great for people with chronic back and neck pain.


Pregnancy massage gently eases the discomfort that arises with pregnancy. It is done with the client on their back and in a side-lying position. It helps to promote restful sleep, decreased swelling, and reduced stress for the mom-to-be. Please note that pregnancy massage can only be performed AFTER the first trimester.


Seated massage is a very popular type of massage for a number of reasons. 1) It is done with the client fully clothed 2) It can be performed anywhere and in any situation 3) It can be done in 5, 10 or 15 minute intervals which is the perfect amount of time to reduce stress and tension, but leaves the client energized and stimulated  enough to finish out their day. It also has great psychological and emotional benefits. This type of massage is perfect for offices, open houses, conventions, office staff appreciation days, and the list goes on and on.